Great food, tailored for your life.

Because everyone is different

With Fudigo all your meals are tailor-made for you and your loved ones, and can be delivered the way you like it.

Based on your goals, nutritional needs, taste and lifestyle, Fudigo will provide the food you always wanted.

Skip the boring part and jump straight to enjoying your home cooked meals, your health and your life.

How Fudigo works

Introduce yourself

Take two minutes to introduce yourself and your loved ones, your preferences, needs and health & fitness goals.

Select your tailor-made menu

Get a mealplan with delicious and easy to make recipes, tailor-made for you. Do a little swiping to explore other custom meal options.

Get your food

All ingredients are automatically organised into a time-saving shopping list, so you can buy from your favorite store or online retailer.

Eat the way you like it

Fudigo will notify you when it is time to start cooking and support you on every step of the way.

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